Blue Spirulina: Skin Superstar

In recent years, the spirulina craze has come to an all-time high. Since it’s so nutrient-dense and antioxidant-rich, it’s easy to see why! Blue spirulina is a complete protein, which means that it contains all nine essential amino acids. It is derived from blue-green algae, and is given its’ blue pigment from the antioxidant phycocyanin. Algae are able to protect themselves from the same harsh environmental conditions as humans, and these protective factors are beneficial in topical products. When combining the powerful protective factors that algae provides with the antioxidant-rich properties, blue spirulina combats a plethora of skin concerns.

This super-powder reduces inflammation, combats enlarged pores and fine lines, and drastically improves the appearance of dull skin. The fatty acids maintain and promote the structural integrity of skin cells, leading to tighter and smoother skin.  The ample antioxidant properties reduce free radicals and increase skin-cell turnover rates. This ultimately leads to youthful, fresh-feeling skin. For individuals suffering from acne breakouts, blue spirulina targets candida, or yeast, which often leads to unwanted bumps and pimples.

However, one of the most impressive and effective uses of blue spirulina is its ability to rejuvenate dry skin and promote moisture retention. It does so by providing a moisture lipid barrier due to its’ high concentration of fatty acids. This repairs thinning skin barriers and reduces water loss through the pores. Overall, it improves the look and feel of dry skin.

So, blue spirulina is not just a superfood, but also a skin miracle worker. Ironically, it can turn skin that’s feeling blue, into skin that’s feeling brand new!