Shea Butter: Skin Superstar

Shea butter is a fatty oil that is extracted from the nuts of the shea tree, native to parts of West Africa. It contains a myriad of healthy nutrients and vitamins making it known as the best healing cream out there. In fact, shea butter ranges from 5%-17% healing fraction, whereas other seed oils are in the 1% range.

How does Shea Butter benefit the skin?

Shea butter consists of Vitamins A, E, and F. These are responsible for moisturizing the skin and locking in moisture for prolonged periods of time. In particular, Vitamins A and E keep the skin nourished, smooth, and soothed. This makes it especially great for those with dry skin, because it keeps the skin hydrated. It penetrates through cracks and patches without clogging the pores. You can apply shea butter to the hands and feet, and belly to dramatically reduce and prevent stretch marks during pregnancy and weight gain/loss.

She butter is full of several healthy fatty acids such as oleic, palmitic, and linolenic acids. These prove beneficial for restoring elasticity to the skin by stimulating collagen production and making your skin look and feel radiant.  This is what also makes it a great anti-aging agent for the skin, actively working to reduce fine lines and wrinkles when topically applied to the face.

The list of benefits goes on! This butter works wonders for treating skin rashes, scars, stretch marks, and sunburns. It is also quite effective in reducing skin inflammation thanks to its derivatives of cinnamic acid. With its powerful healing and moisturizing properties, it can be used for combating skin conditions, including dermatitis, rosacea, acne, eczema, and arthritis.

In sum, this simple, natural, and buttery moisturizer is effective for taking preventative action to smooth, soothe, and achieve youthful-looking skin. Its healing properties make it ideal for treating skin conditions as mentioned above.

If you’ve got 99 problems, shea butter is definitely not going to be one of them!


Written by: Adi Tzadok