BYRDIE Magazine: Move Aside, Oxygen Facial! The OxyGeneo Facial Is the Next Big Thing

OXYGeneo was featured in the prestigious BYRDIE magazine., July 1st, 2020

From their article:
“Allow me to introduce you to the OxyGeneo facial: a next-level treatment that makes your skin glow like there’s a choir of angels singing their hearts out behind you, like your face is swathed in a luminescent halo, like you were sent from heaven above to grace the Earth with your radiant complexion.”
“After my OxyGeneo facial, I got up to look in the mirror and literally did a double-take—yes, I did a double-take to myselfMy skin looked that good. Now, you may think my visceral reaction to seeing my own face might be vain, but I swear, it’s simply because I had never, ever seen such a big difference in my skin.”

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BYRDIE magazine, July 1st, 2020.