Botanical Peptides: Skin Superstar

Whether you are new to skincare or make daily efforts to refresh your skin, there is one thing you know for certain – you age! Everyone seems to want to preserve youthful-looking skin. There is no “magic formula” that will stop the wrinkles and fine lines from revealing themselves (besides some surgical procedures), but there is a natural remedy to slow down the speed at which your skin ages. The solution? Botanical peptides!

Peptides are made up of a chain of amino acids that are found in protein. Collagen, elastin, and keratin are all proteins that are fundamental building blocks of the skin. Peptides play a large part in their creation. This makes it an important molecule in keeping the skin firm and appear smoother and plumper.

The Science

Think of peptides like long chains of up to 50 amino acids. You can add, subtract, and even replace the order of amino acids to form completely new varieties of peptides that have different functions including smoothing, firming, reducing inflammation, and hydrating. More specifically, there are 2 types of peptides that are the most effective: signaling peptides, and neuropeptides. Natalie Pergar, the lead skincare trainer from Eminence Organics, says “signaling peptides trigger the body’s own natural processes to rebuild the longer chain proteins which provide various skincare benefits, while neuropeptides work on the muscular level to block transmission of signals from the nerves to the facial muscles”.

A Natural Process

What’s great about peptides is that they work harmoniously with the body’s own natural processes. This is unlike other ingredients that do not trigger an innate response in the body. For instance, peptides signal to the skin to produce even more collagen when it slowly degenerates as you get older. Often, due to exposure to environmental aggressors like UV rays and pollution. So, when you apply signaling peptides topically, you ‘trick’ the skin into stimulating the synthesis of more collagen. This ultimately promotes it to look more firm and youthful. One of the more powerful and effective types of peptides are concentrated plant peptides and botanical serums. These help to diminish the appearance of old fine lines and wrinkles, replacing them with visibly smoother and plumper looking skin.

So why allow the clock of youthful-looking skin tick away? Put in your best work to slow it down by topically applying peptide creams and serums that will help you achieve healthier, younger-looking skin!

Written by: Adi Tzadok