Citric Acid: OxyGeneo Ingredient Superstar

We all know the benefits of Vitamin C for our bodily health, from fighting the common cold to building immunity— but what do citrus fruits do for the skin? Whether you’re on the hunt for youth or searching to clear up your skin before a big event, citric acid may be the answer to your … Read more

Activated Charcoal: OxyGeneo Ingredient Superstar

Activated bamboo charcoal may just be that diamond ingredient that cleanses your pores and purifies your skin, helping you achieve a flawless complexion. Thinking of posting a pic on Instagram? You can say bye-bye to filters with this bad boy product! Once bamboo has grown for more than 5 years, fragments of it are collected … Read more

Carrot Extract: OxyGeneo Ingredient Superstar

We all know that eating veggies is imperative to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but carrots, in particular, have a variety of benefits that extend well beyond nutrition. Carrot root extract has become an innovative, and of course a natural, solution to advancing skin health and aesthetics. Specifically, carrots are full of beta-carotene which is what … Read more